Property Management

Property management: all facets- McGrath management enterprise brings 30 years of property management experience to the table. With a 4 billion dollars valuation and more than 90 properties in the Hudson valley alone, we are equipped to handle all facets of management. We have over 80 full time and part time associates in our property management team ready to help with specialized handling of your property.

Property Maintenance, Improvement and Restoration:
McGrath combines excellent property management services with a complete array of maintenance capabilities. We realize that in order to enhance the use, enjoyment and value of our client’s properties, they must be maintained in a perfect state of repair.

Exterior Services:
Our objective is to not only maintain but to enhance the exterior of our client properties. We employ:

  • Expert landscape personnel, including arborists, landscape architects, roadway maintenance personnel, and experienced employees who take pride in mowing, trimming, seeding, gardening and mulching the common exterior areas;
  • Master carpenters, electricians, painters, window washers, gutter cleaners and roof and siding repair personnel;
  • Maintenance of pools, tennis courts and play areas;
  • General handymen and maintenance professionals;
  • Masons and drainage experts;
  • Emergency 24/7 access to personnel;
  • Safety and environmental issues managed:

Interior Services:

  • Expert interior carpenters and painters;
  • Building Cleaning; Professional electricians, plumbers, lockmasters, boiler repair contractors