Commercial Property Management

We handle everything from property maintenance, accounting and occupancy to lease provisions and bro-kerage services. With all solutions we provide for your property, our mission is to provide the best service that covers all aspects of building management, while always keeping an eye on the bottom line. We offer the full range of management services, from rent collection and contract negotiation and renewal, through ongoing upkeep and preventive maintenance. With the strength to provide an immediate solution to any management problem our professional management team maintains and raises the level of a building’s tenants, ensuring high levels of occupancy and steady income.


We maintain close contact with tenants and keep them happy, which helps us minimize vacancies. We collect rent on schedule. When turnovers become apparent, we prepare to market available units and aim to fill vacancies without losing a single month’s rent. We investigate potential tenants and handle evictions when necessary.

Owner Communication

We work closely with owners to understand objectives, opportunities and challenges. We keep our owners informed and connected on a regular basis.


We have close ties with reliable resources. We coordinate and provide maintenance with both efficiency and quality. Of course, we have a 24/7 emergency contact number so that owners and tenants can reach us at any time.

Technology Advantage

Owners and tenants have access to download forms and complete transactions on our online portals. Conveniently pay monthly rent or HOA fees online. To learn more about the property management services available visit our technology section and portals.


We provide owners with detailed monthly and annual statements, as well as tax documents.


We can schedule and conduct regular inspections and site visits for your property. This will help mitigate any deferred maintenance.

Legal Guidance

We handle contracts and can give you guidance. If legal services are needed, we have access to responsive and experienced attorneys.


We aim to increase your profit by forecasting, budgeting, controlling, and minimizing expenses